IDW Dumps iVerse for ComiXology, Goes Same-Day Digital at Full Price

Of the five major comic market publishers — Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and IDW — all now offer same-day digital release of at least some of their comic titles. (Marvel is bringing up the rear, with their plans not fully executing until next year.) IDW announced today that all of their comics will be available on the same day digitally and in print.

Plus, IDW is changing its primary digital distribution partner from iVerse to comiXology, with the latter company now responsible for its dedicated apps for iOS. (IDW has specific apps for comics from well-known brands such as Transformers and GI Joe.) They’ve also launched a web-based online comic store.

This is a major step forward. IDW was something of a digital comic pioneer, and now they’re bringing that business to the biggest digital comic distributor. Using comiXology gives them flexibility to sell to customers on iPad, smartphones, or the web, and have those purchases sync up across accounts.

As expected, given the recent outcry over the Dark Horse pricing confusion, the IDW press release was careful to note that “All new digital comics will be offered at full cover price.” Also from the press release:

As the first comics publisher to launch its own “in app purchase” storefronts for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, IDW has long been a leader in the digital comics space — having their own IDW branded application along with introducing several unique apps catering to fans of particular titles. The IDW Comics app offers the complete digital catalog, while IDW’s apps for special series like Transformers Comics, G.I. Joe Comics, Star Trek Comics, True Blood Comics Collection, Doctor Who Comics, and most recently 30 Days of Night Comics app offer those specific comics for those specific brands. IDW also released the first creator-based app, Templesmith Comics, featuring the art and stories of Ben Templesmith.

As both retailer Christopher Butcher and commenter Heidi MacDonald pointed out, this brings comiXology close to being the new Diamond. Don’t count iVerse out yet, though — they’re powering the Diamond Digital program, which was due to launch three months ago. Did that even happen?

2 Responses to “IDW Dumps iVerse for ComiXology, Goes Same-Day Digital at Full Price”

  1. Dave Bowen Says:

    Late, yes.
    Coming, yes.
    Better…oh, yes.

    Dave Bowen
    Director of Digital Distribution
    Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Nothing like getting an answer straight from the source! Thanks, Dave. I look forward to hearing more in the new year about Diamond Digital.




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