The Year So Far at Comics Worth Reading

A brief round-up, in case it’s of interest to any readers. So far this year — and I keep telling myself, it’s not over yet! there’s more I want to do — here’s a graph of how many posts have been made here per month:

CWR 2011

September was busiest, with 94, while the low points were February and April at 61 and 60, respectively. (December is still in progress wound up with 74, almost the same as November.) The total so far is 877 posts, or an average of 2.4 posts a day overall is 895, or an average of 2.45 posts a day. (I was aiming for 3, in order to crack 1000 this year, but I can always try again in 2012.)

As for topics, the most posted are Movies/TV (122 posts this year), Digital & Webcomics (107 — and that was the subject of the year, wasn’t it?), Comic News (96), and Manga News (94). There were 81 Manga Reviews (I expected more) and 63 Graphic Novel Reviews. Superheroes and Archie each got 30 posts, with 29 for Books About Comics and 28 for Indy Comic Reviews. (So many works that I would have talked about in years past as indy comics, I now cover as graphic novels.) Way behind are Minicomics, with only 4 posts — which is woefully negligent, but better than 2009, which only had 1 — and Recipes, with 3 — one each cookbook review, restaurant review, and actual recipe.

Most popular this year, based on comments, were the following:

People don’t comment here the way they used to, but I think that’s happening all over the internet, as we treat it more like an entertainment medium — look at this silly picture/video — than a communication forum.

Of course, the biggest change this year is contributor status. Ed Sizemore retired from the site after reviewing here for four years. This past year, he wrote 44 reviews — most manga, but also including the occasional book, convention, minicomic, and movie. His contributions will be greatly missed. Also for the site, KC wrote 27 review pieces, including coverage of animation, books about comics, and all 52 DC comic relaunches. I’m hoping for more next year, but regardless, I appreciate his support. I couldn’t do this without him. Nor without you, dear readers. Thank you for stopping by, and happy holidays!

4 Responses to “The Year So Far at Comics Worth Reading”

  1. vid Says:

    Yay! I’ve been an on and off reader of the site and quit buying floppies almost a decade ago, I have occasionally bought graphic novels mainly non-superhero stuff. I have always checked this website for reviews and best of lists as a guide on what graphic novels to buy. Most times I have enjoyed the recommendations. The site definitely lives up to its name.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I’m glad you find it helpful. Thank you for reading!

  3. Posky Says:

    I think if you can manage a post every other day, most readers will be more than satisfied. As a comic author myself, I like being kept abreast of what is worth taking a look at and you’ve managed to keep me pretty happy.

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