Kris Dresen Struggles With Gender Expectations

Kris Dresen has posted a disturbingly realistic comic about the expectations for girls and comics she’s faced over the years. Click the image to see the whole thing.

By Kris Dresen

I’m sorry to hear she’s faced all that, but I love her work, and I’m glad she’s anticipating a productive 2012, with lots more comics.

One Response to “Kris Dresen Struggles With Gender Expectations”

  1. Brian Saner Lamken Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Kris’s work from Manya comics (with Jen Benka) to greeting-card art since meeting the Vagabond Press ganglet at a con in ’97 or so. While I’m sorry to have fallen out of keeping up with her work — she’s in great company there, it’s sad to say — the silver lining to that is how much new material there is for me to discover. I urge anyone reading this to click on over to Kris’s sites and sample the generous helping of complete stories posted online (then buy something).




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