Teen Titans #4: A Writer Makes Fun of His Artist in Print

This panel appears on the eighth art page (not counting ads) of Teen Titans #4, by Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, and Norm Rapmund.

Panel from Teen Titans #4

The way I read it, writer Lobdell is having the first character in that panel comment on how Booth didn’t draw what Lobdell scripted. I wonder how that came about, and why editor Bobbie Chase allowed it. My best guess: there wasn’t time for the panel to be redrawn, or it was decided that it was easier to change the text than the image, or it was left because it wasn’t important to the story (which it isn’t — I wouldn’t have noticed the discrepancy if the dialogue hadn’t called attention to it).

You don’t often see these kinds of quibbles make it to print, with one member of an art team commenting on the work of another. Maybe Lobdell and Booth have a great, long-term friendship where they enjoy jabbing each other, I don’t know. If not, I have to wonder how this will affect that working relationship.

5 Responses to “Teen Titans #4: A Writer Makes Fun of His Artist in Print”

  1. Brett Booth Says:

    Sorry, nope. That was done to draw attention to Danny the Street. Who just teleported Bart and Solstice there from Antartica. He showed up at the end of issue 3, and will appear again in issue 7 (I’m drawing him right now.)



  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, neat! Thanks so much for clearing that up. I haven’t thought about that idea in years.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Had to google exactly what the the Danny the Street was, cooly obscure!! lol

  4. Brett Booth Says:

    No problem:) Didn’t want Bleeding Cool to see this and think Scott and I are at each others throats;)



  5. Brian Saner Lamken Says:

    I didn’t know that Danny the Street had appeared anywhere outside of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol. He’s in the new new New DCU’s Teen Titans now? Whoa!




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