Miss Annie: Freedom!

There’s a built-in audience for cat comics, which makes it surprising that there aren’t more of them. If you’ve finished with the latest Chi’s Sweet Home and are looking for more, you’ll want to check out Freedom!. Coming this spring, this is the first in an intended series of Miss Annie books.

Miss Annie belongs to a couple, one a writer, the other an editor, who have a daughter, Sarah. Not much happens in this slim book — the cat walks around her house, telling us what belongs to whom, attacks a flower bouquet, and so on — but it’s refreshing and relaxing to enjoy this kind of virtual pet. In later chapters, she befriends a mouse and ventures outside for the first time. (Judging by Binky the Space Cat, this is a common feline desire.)

The creators are French, so instead of a manga style, Freedom! has a European flavor, with a lovely autumnal palette of browns, greens, and golds. (Colors are by Robin Doo.) The cat’s unique pattern of coloring, with her half-white face, catches the reader’s eye and keeps her at the focus of attention. I was particularly tickled when they’d show her stretching her neck, as seen here:

Miss Annie sample panels

There’s some subtle humor in how Miss Annie interprets her owners’ lives, similar to the alternate take on the adult world shown in Sugar and Spike, but most of the appeal is simply spending time with this curious cat, seeing what she does and what interests her. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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