Looking Forward to Top Shelf And More in 2012

I appreciate how well-organized Top Shelf’s website is, with all the useful information you’d want to find out more about their comics and graphic novels. I particularly like their list of future releases, titles they plan to put out that don’t yet have a scheduled publication date.

This year’s list is particularly rich, with a number of must-read books, including:

* We Can Fix It!, a time-travel memoir by Jess Fink. She’s better known for her porn, but I’d love to see this coming-of-age story, especially since I’ve had similar dreams, of convincing my younger self to do some things differently. And I like the optimistic title.

* A new volume of one of my favorite series, Andy Runton’s Owly, is always welcome.

* The long-awaited reprint of The Bojeffries Saga, my favorite Alan Moore story (by which I mean, the one I can read and re-read without getting creepies).

* The complete Small Favors Omnibus, Colleen Coover’s girly porn comic. It’s adorable!

* The Story of My Tits, Jennifer Hayden’s (Underwire) story of battling breast cancer.

It’s torturous looking over these books, because I want to read them now! I hope they all manage to make it out this year. Perhaps if we all bought something from their website, that would happen faster.

If you’d like to know more about what I’m looking forward to this year, I also participated in the Robot 6 roundup, where they asked a bunch of comic folks that question. I gave a different (but just as accurate) answer there. KC also participated in that column.

3 Responses to “Looking Forward to Top Shelf And More in 2012”

  1. scott (the other one) Says:

    All of Alan Moore’s other works creep you out?

  2. Johanna Says:

    He tends to use rape as a device a bit more frequently than I’m comfortable with.

  3. scott (the other one) Says:

    I figured that was it, but thought I’d check. I’m 2/3rds of the way through a long overdue rereading of Halo Jones right now and no rape yet. Here’s hoping…




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