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Since it’s been over a decade, I’m not sure how many people remember Gorilla Comics, but I fondly recall their launch at the 2000 Heroes Con — I still have the t-shirt! This creator-owned imprint brought together Kurt Busiek, Tom Grummett, Stuart Immonen, Karl Kesel, Barry Kitson, George Pérez, Mark Waid, and Mike Wieringo to publish Shock Rockets, Empire, and Tellos, among others, through Image Comics, although it didn’t last long.

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One of those titles was Section Zero, by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett, about a group investigating paranormal phenomena. (I think of it as X-Files meets Challengers of the Unknown, but I’m not sure I’m recalling the details correctly.) Back then, only three issues, half of the first storyline, were released.

Now, Section Zero has returned as a webcomic at There’s a five-page prologue posted today, with three more pages due every Thursday. In his blog post, Karl Kesel explains how it came to be online and details how it’s being updated:

Tom and I are working on new SECTION ZERO material now, squeezing it in around our day jobs. At the same time, we’ll be posting all the previously published storyline— starting with today’s 5-page Prologue, followed by 3 pages every Thursday. By the time all that’s posted, we’ll have a ton of new stuff ready. If you haven’t read these comics before, this is your chance. If you’ve already read them you’ll still want to check in because A) Richard Starkings, First Tiger at Comicraft, has insanely and wonderfully insisted on “freshening” the lettering for the book, so the pages have a slightly different look to them, and B) since re-lettering was being done anyway, I’m tweaking the script here and there.

It’s a shame that Section Zero and Gorilla Comics never took off the first time around, but now, it means good comics to read online for free, and the promise of continuing adventures.

4 Responses to “Section Zero Returns Online”

  1. Ralf Haring Says:

    That’s a surprise! I remember Gorilla having an exceptionally high hit/miss ratio with superior production values for the time. It’s a shame they had funding problems almost immediately after launch.

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  3. Kelson Says:

    I wish I could remember whether Section Zero was one of the books I picked up when I decided to track down Shockrockets. I went through a phase where I picked up more comics than I had time to read, and then I moved, and a lot of them ended up in storage, and then I moved again.

    I guess now’s my chance.

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