KC Rereads X-Men and Reviews Their History

X-Men organizational chart

KC’s latest Westfield column introduces his current reading project: catching up on the X-Men. He provides a brief history of the franchise, including key creators, recalls why he stopped reading the various series almost 20 years ago, and talks about finding a good restart point. I found it a wonderful capsule history of a significant comic brand that got me excited about reading the X-Men again myself.

(Although I do disagree with KC calling Wolverine and the X-Men his “current favorite superhero comic.” I mean, I can’t tell him what his favorite is, and I do think it’s excellent, but for me, it’s second to Daredevil.)

KC ends up by pointing out that reading history has also made him more excited about current comic reading, and for some kinds of fans, this kind of backwards look will rejuvenate the appeal of the medium. Also, I wanted an excuse to run this cute, iconic “org chart” for the current teams, from Uncanny X-Men #1.

5 Responses to “KC Rereads X-Men and Reviews Their History”

  1. James Schee Says:

    “Although I do disagree with KC calling Wolverine and the X-Men his “current favorite superhero comic.” I mean, I can’t tell him what his favorite is,”

    Sure you can! You’re his wife right? bada dum!:)

    I’ll read KC’s part in a bit, but wanted to be the first to make that joke.:) Oh and yeah the “org chart” thing is really nifty.

  2. KC Says:

    Oh, I love Daredevil too. Except it’s more of a warm and fuzzy read for me. Like an old friend who’s been missing for a long time and now back. Wolverine and the X-Men consisantly makes me laugh, at a time when too many other superhero books take themselves too seriously.

  3. James Schee Says:

    Interesting article. KC, you and I are starting at similar points as I just jumped on with Schism as well. Though the last time I read the X series on a regular basis either MAgneto had pulled the metal from Wolverine’s bones or Age of Apocolypse had just ended. (whatever is most recent)

    I’m scared to go back and read stuff from before, as I think part of the appeal right now for me is that the characters have moved forward from when I last saw them. I worry if I go look back and find ow they got here, I risk not liking how they arrived here.

    There are still too many X-titles though. I love the Wolverine & the X-Men title, as its just so much fun. I want to like the one with Scott and Co. but hav never cared for Sinister and then the recent issue wasn’t even about them.

    The others I can’t even keep straight in my head.

  4. Johanna Says:

    That’s very true, KC. The 3rd issue of W&XM was hilarious, with the ambulatory island attacking and Quire’s so full of himself narration. And I agree with you, making the Hellfire Club scary intelligent brats is a wonderful way to refresh the concept. I also agree with James, that I wanted to like the Uncanny X-Men restart (especially with Gillen writing) but I don’t care at all about Sinister. This opening storyline was a misfire, I feel.

  5. Suzene Says:

    I doubt that Greg Land being back on art next arc will change any minds either. (The whole Utopia concept left me cold, so I’m happily reading the school-focused books and ignoring that side of the X-franchise anyway.)




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