PW Comics World Critic Poll for Best of 2011

The combined critic lists for the best graphic novels of 2011 are up at Publishers Weekly. (See last year’s post for a history of the lists.)

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Normally, I combine my personal best manga of 2011 and best graphic novels of 2011 lists for my submission to the PW Comics World poll, but this year, there wasn’t a lot of manga that I would recommend to a readership that’s not already devoted to that format, so my entries were primarily from my GN list.

I agreed with the top pick, Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant and was honored to be quoted in its respect. One of the books tied for second place, Finder: Voice was my top pick for this year, while I recommend you avoid the other, Habibi. (I hope to tell you why I think that soon, but I have to find the time to be willing to re-engage with the brick of a book.) After that, with the exception of A Bride’s Story, my books wound up in the “single vote only” category.

Still, I find it refreshing that we don’t have monolithic tastes and that there are so many excellent potential choices for “best book”. To my mind, it’s a sign of how diverse and healthy the comic medium is.

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  1. Ben Towle Says:

    So nice to Pinocchio by Winshlus made that list. It was my favorite book of last year hands-down and I’m surprised by how little mention it’s gotten. It had the unfortunate bad luck to come out the same day as Paying For It… so I guess that’s partially to blame.

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