From the Mailbag January 16: Indy Graphic Novels Are Alive and Well

I’m late on posting this, but since Monday is a federal holiday in the U.S., nothing arrived, so I’m still on track. Or so I reassure myself.

My big package of last week contained some of the many great manga Viz has coming out at the beginning of next month. In addition to favorite series The Story of Saiunkoku Book 6, Otomen Book 12, and Bakuman Book 9, I get to sample new series A Devil and Her Love Song. Spring looks lovely in manga!

Tyler Chin-Tanner sent over a copy of American Terrorist, which is not what you might think. It’s a story of rebellion within the U.S. and what happens to people who want to take back the country. Very timely, since I see a lot of similarity to the Occupy movements — I’m curious to see how this story is told.

George Alexopoulos’s Paris is now available in print-on-demand format, so I have a copy of that to check out, which I’m glad for. The whole thing used to be available online, but now that it’s available to buy, there’s only a lengthy preview available on his site.

Last in the set of intriguing self-published graphic novels this week is Buffalo Speedway, a three-volume digest series about the adventures of a pizza delivery guy on the “busiest day ever”, the day that O.J. Simpson’s low-speed Bronco chase was all over the news and everyone stayed home and watched. I’m getting a vibe of slacker boy comedy from it, but that may just be the author’s comparisons to Harold and Kumar and Clerks.

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