Shout! Brings Two More Classic Cartoons to DVD: Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo
January 29, 2012

There’s no need to fear… Underdog is here! It’s the classic animated superhero parody, all three seasons, on nine discs, in the Complete Series DVD set, due out February 21. Per Shout! Factory, “the set also includes beloved shorts starring Go Go Gophers, The World Of Commander McBragg (quite!), and Klondike Kat, plus bonuses”. Those include a featurette, alternate episode openings and closings, and commentaries with writer/ producer/ cocreator W. Watts Biggers, voice actor George S. Irving, producer Treadwell Covington, and animation historian Mark Arnold.

On March 6, it’s a complete collection of Tennessee Tuxedo, as voiced by Don Adams. (Plus Larry Storch as Phineas J. Whoopee.) 70 episodes on six DVDs plus a featurette, commentaries, and a commemorative book.

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Anthony writes:  

Nice to see both shows are finally being released to a complete DVD set, versus the piecemeal releases Underdog’s gotten, and the single-disc DVD for Tennessee. Did like that the single-disc DVD for the latter has Mr. Whoopee explaining how a DVD works… wonder if they’ll keep that for this set’s packaging. :-p

David Oakes writes:  

My life is now complete.

Box Brown writes:  

Fun Fact: Howard Stern’s father Ben Stern was the recording engineer for Tennessee Tuxedo.

Brian Saner Lamken writes:  

i loves me the Underdog. A few years back I snapped up an earlier DVD collection on sale at Target and thrilled to the show for the first time in years outside of some VHS tapes bootlegged for me in college while I was writing about it for CBG. The only “problems” with the episodes today are that [a] some of the bad guys shoot bullets instead of cartoonish zappy rays and [2] the “Indians” in Go Go Gophers “speakum like this”; I take that stuff in stride but hesitated (and mentioned it to their mom) before screening the discs for my nieces.

Underdog: The Complete Collector’s Edition » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] replaced with another episode. (There are more Hunter episodes on the way on Shout! Factory’s Tennessee Tuxedo box set.) For those keeping score, this Underdog set contains about 21 (or more) hours of cartoon […]


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