Another Archie Future “What If” Story: He Marries Valerie, Has Daughter

Archie #633 cover

Comics Alliance reports that “in the upcoming Archie #633, they’ll tell the story of a future where Archie marries Valerie Smith (of Josie and the Pussycats fame) and they have a daughter.” This plot follows up the popular stories from spring 2010 when Archie and Valerie dated while also fitting in the company’s current strategy of creating headline-grabbing concepts to get free publicity, such as the recent gay wedding in Life With Archie #16.

Having at least one child is a feature of these imaginary wedding stories, at least based on the two that launched the Life With Archie magazine. In each of those, whether married to Betty or Veronica, the story ends with Archie and the respective wife bearing twins.

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