Wonder Woman: A Disney Princess

Wonder Woman Disney Princess

Bill Walko (The Hero Business) drew this one-panel cartoon of Wonder Woman as a Disney Princess as part of a contest exploring comic book characters in different genres. Love it! Captures her personality as well as her appearance. I want to buy a print! (Actually, I want to buy that comic series.) His post has his background sketches, too.

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  1. Brian Saner Lamken Says:

    Way cool! My nieces will love this — as I think I’ve mentioned here before, they’ve already glommed onto Wonder Woman being especially awesome because she’s a superhero and a princess. A few years ago I picked up a great Wonder Woman storybook drawn by Ben Caldwell (The Dare Detectives; Wonder Woman in Wednesday Comics) that were great not only for the just-simple-enough origin story and lovely art but for keeping Diana tough while modestly dressed in a tunic and skirt rather than the usual bustier and skeevily short bikini bottoms. Caldwell apparently illustrated some longer Wonder Woman prose books, too, but I have yet to track those down. With all due respect to Laura Montgomery, how nice it would’ve been for a more all-ages-appropriate, fairy-tale tack to have been taken with the Warner Premiere animated movie…




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