KC’s Sick, But That’s a Great Time to Read Comics, Plus the Story of the Watchmen Ashcan

KC’s latest Westfield column asks and answers this question:

what does being sick have to do with comic books?

Only everything.

Chances are you might have been sick in bed when you read your first comic book. Or it might have been the first time you had the opportunity to re-read your stash of comics, all at once. (If you had measles or chicken pox, you weren’t going anywhere for a while. So, hope you had plenty of reading material!) Plus, inevitably, you got exposed to “new” comic reading experiences. Since you were too sick to go out and buy your own, you had to rely on mom or pop to get your comics — and sometimes they didn’t exactly follow instructions.

My favorite line talks about how Iron Man was “not as cool as Superman’s robots.”

Plus, you can learn all about the secret ashcan for Watchmen #12, in another untold tale of comic history.

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