Hourly Comics Day: Some Favorites

Hourly Comics Day was February 1, which means a lot of great comic creators put up short glimpses into how they spent their days. (The event encourages artists to create comics every hour, so it’s kind of like a sketchbook diary.) Here are some of my favorites:

Panel by Lucy Knisley

Lucy Knisley went way above and beyond by doing hers in watercolor.

I liked finding out more about Sarah Becan‘s day job, although I was sorry to hear she’s sick. Favorite quote in reference to customer feedback: “‘Oomph’ is not adequate direction.

Alex Heberling shows the nocturnal style of creative living in a simple but colorful style.

Jen Wang uses collages of multiple images to capture her day. Features happy poop and other biological effects.

Panel by Raina Telgemeier

Raina Telgemeier provides this excellent observation: “The most productive days are also the most painful!” Work takes effort and has a cost, but it’s so worth it! (Something I needed to hear right now.) The panel right before the one shown here is outstanding cartooning, by the way. And I like seeing the quiet domesticity of artist couples.

In her writeup, Brigid Alverson notes:

Hourly Comics Day brings journal comics to their logical extreme: Every hours, creators stop what they are doing and draw a comic about it. There’s an inherent flaw in the concept, in that the best artists are the people who draw comics all the time, which makes for a dull diary.

Yet I like seeing comic creators drawing themselves making comics, at least in short bursts. There’s such diversity in how they show themselves to us and the staging of the scene.

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