Super Bowl Movie Ads: Avengers, John Carter, More
February 5, 2012

I gotta admire the publicity people working this weekend — the game isn’t even over, and I’m already getting email about the geek movies promoted in the ads so far. (Ok, maybe they scheduled their email ahead of time, but I prefer to think they were waiting by the keyboard.)

Here’s the biggest comic-fan release of the summer — Marvel’s The Avengers, out May 4.

Neat finally seeing all the heroes in one shot, with that circle at the end.

Also from Disney is John Carter (no “of Mars”, not after their last film with that in the title), out March 9.

I don’t even like sword-and-sandals battle pics when they’re set on Earth, so that one’s not for me, but I suspect it will be hard to avoid hearing about it.

Also aired so far are trailers for Battleship and GI Joe 2: Retaliation, which look like they could be the same movie.

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Dean Peterson writes:  

Three points
1. Avengers: The extended trailer’s (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGt-saFvkNk&hd=1) better…love the Stark/Loki showdown.
2. John Carter: Actually looking forward to this…l’il ticked off that they dropped the “of Mars”.
3.) Battleship and GI Joe…actually Bruce Willis kinda adds a l’il cred to Joe. You’re just ticked that GI Johanna didn’t get greenlit for the sequel.

Johanna writes:  

Bruce would be the only reason I would consider watching that movie, since he was so enjoyable in Surrogates and Red.

I wonder why Disney gave John Carter a minute slot but only bought 30 seconds for Avengers? Maybe they need the help less?

Dean Peterson writes:  

Avengers has had 4 years of advertising in the form of Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America. When you say Avengers to the average person..they at least got familiarity with at least one of the characters by now.
Mention John Carter round my neck of the woods, they wonder if he’s any relation to Jimmy.

gdwcomics writes:  

The Avengers Movie is the greatest tribute to comic book fandom ever created. I can’t think of anything that will ever be as huge as this. The Avengers movie dwarfs all other achievement in comic books, past present and future. It’s glorious!!! I’m sorry, I can’t type through these tears of happiness….

Ralf Haring writes:  

Dropping the “of Mars” doesn’t make much sense to me. Just using his name makes it sound so nondescript and pedestrian. That’s the kind of name I expect attached to a George Clooney legal thriller and not an otherworldly fantasy epic.

Stan writes:  

is it just me, or does it sound like the opening music for John Carter is Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”?

Rob writes:  

It’s absolutely Kashmir. I can see why they’re using it (it’s great martial pomp, for one, but also the lyrics–particularly the “traveler in both time and space” line–work in context with the movie), but it totally pulls me out of the trailer. I’m assuming the actual movie music will be something more John Williamsey.

And like Ralf, I can’t see why Disney’s dropping the “of Mars.” Does the ad even mention Mars? He’s directly called “John Carter of Earth” at one point, which makes a lot more sense if we know where he ends up.


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