Princess #4: Mea Culpa

Princeless #4 cover

I owe the guys behind Princeless an apology. It’s a good read, a fresh take and an entertaining story, the kind of wonderfully surprising discovery it’s a joy to find among independent small-press comics.

After previewing the first issue, I reviewed issue #2 and issue #3, and I was critical of the series based on what I had hoped to see, not what it was. I had certain expectations, based on how the title was presented to me, and those weren’t met, but it wasn’t fair of me to be as harsh as I was. A new comic has a huge uphill battle, and I want to be clear that this is a title worth reading.

In this issue, Adrienne and her new friend Bedelia defeat their assailants and get everything in place to set off to rescue Adrienne’s sister Angelica. I love the way the two girls are drawn by M. Goodwin, with strength and gumption and humor. Take, for example, this closeup:

Princeless 4 panel by M. Goodwin

The two demonstrate that a young person can make a difference, can be responsible for their own choices, and can accomplish great things with the right plan, smarts, and determination.

There’s a Princeless collection coming in April, and I encourage you, if you haven’t tried the series yet, to check it out. There will be more stories to follow, continuing the adventures of Princess Adrienne, and I’m looking forward to all of them. Find out more in this interview with the writer Jeremy Whitley.

3 Responses to “Princess #4: Mea Culpa”

  1. Rivkah La Fille Says:

    Looking forward to the trade! Looks like a really excellent series, both written and drawn!

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