Free Love and Capes for Valentine’s Day

Love and Capes Valentine

Until Wednesday, Thom Zahler has a gift for you all: a free, downloadable six-page Love and Capes story featuring new (and cute) couple Amazonia and Darkblade. It’s PDF, so you can take it anywhere digitally. It’s brand-new content, so you haven’t seen it before. And it’s a complete story, so no pitch to buy something to get the ending. (Want it in print? Donate to Thom’s Kickstarter.)

Although you should be buying Love and Capes. It’s one of my favorite comics currently running, and I’d like to see it keep running. (The series returns later this year.) It’s a superhero romantic comedy that does all three of its elements well: heroic adventure, believable love story, and truly funny bits.

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