Making Lemonade: Moonstone Digital Exclusive Originally Solicited for Print

Honey West / Captain Action / Our Man Flint

This morning, Moonstone announced a ComiXology exclusive, a triple-team-up “super groovy spy thriller” featuring Honey West, Captain Action, and Derek Flint. The 60-page one-shot is written by Gary Phillips (and drawn by Ben Hansen, although his name isn’t well-known enough to be included in the announcement) and involves the three spies/detectives battling “hippie robots, mobbed-up, ray gun-toting gangsters, a wigged-out mad scientist, brainwashed GIs, and an alien menace we could only called DANGER A-GO-GO”.

They were careful to point out “this book CANNOT be seen anywhere else!”, but the part of the announcement that intrigued me was the concluding line, “The print version would retail at $6.99, but the digital version is just $3.99!” There is no print version, so why set pricing for it? Because there was supposed to be one. This book was solicited last October as a regular one-shot (and the listing is still on Moonstone’s website, marked “out of stock”). I’m guessing orders weren’t good enough to either go to print or meet Diamond minimums. If you really want the print version, though, there’s going to be a Danger a Go-Go graphic novel offered later for $10 that includes this material along with a Sheena and a Kolchak story to fill out the page count.

There’s a comic preview at the ComiXology blog. Shame the story is in greyscale; part of the fun of 60s nostalgia projects for me is seeing all the wild colors in fashion and design.

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