JManga Provides Access to Taniguchi Food Manga

Kodoku no Gourmet Book 1 cover

It’s easy to complain about a site when you don’t care much about their offerings. When they offer something you want, though, it’s more complicated. Although Ed tried JManga, I hadn’t yet seen anything there that would convince me to sign up for the complicated point system. Now, I’m tempted.

JManga has posted Kodoku no Gourmet Volume 1, a comic about a gourmet foodie written by Kusumi Masayuki and illustrated by one of my favorite manga artists, Jiro Taniguchi (The Walking Man, A Distant Neighborhood). The much-missed David Welsh wrote about this series last year under the title The Lonely Gourmet, a much more pleasing name.

The series is described as about a solitary man finding solace and memory in Japanese dishes and restaurants. I very much want to read this, but I’m uncertain of the quality of the translation, and I still have objections to paying for digital, because it doesn’t feel to me like I “own” it. I hope Fanfare/PonentMon, publisher of Taniguichi’s other works in English, brings this one to print, too.

Update: Jason Thompson provides more detail on Kodoku no Gourmet in his roundup of food manga.

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  1. I’m not as wary of the system as you are Johanna. I’ll sign the rental for the book and report back. ;-)

  2. Ooh, great! Nothing like an eyewitness account. I look forward to seeing what you thought of the manga.

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