JManga Provides Access to Taniguchi Food Manga

Kodoku no Gourmet Book 1 cover

It’s easy to complain about a site when you don’t care much about their offerings. When they offer something you want, though, it’s more complicated. Although Ed tried JManga, I hadn’t yet seen anything there that would convince me to sign up for the complicated point system. Now, I’m tempted.

JManga has posted Kodoku no Gourmet Volume 1, a comic about a gourmet foodie written by Kusumi Masayuki and illustrated by one of my favorite manga artists, Jiro Taniguchi (The Walking Man, A Distant Neighborhood). The much-missed David Welsh wrote about this series last year under the title The Lonely Gourmet, a much more pleasing name.

The series is described as about a solitary man finding solace and memory in Japanese dishes and restaurants. I very much want to read this, but I’m uncertain of the quality of the translation, and I still have objections to paying for digital, because it doesn’t feel to me like I “own” it. I hope Fanfare/PonentMon, publisher of Taniguichi’s other works in English, brings this one to print, too.

Update: Jason Thompson provides more detail on Kodoku no Gourmet in his roundup of food manga.


  1. I’m not as wary of the system as you are Johanna. I’ll sign the rental for the book and report back. ;-)

  2. Ooh, great! Nothing like an eyewitness account. I look forward to seeing what you thought of the manga.

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