I Support This Call for Creator Credits

Tom Spurgeon has an excellent suggestion:

for the month of March … I’m going to try and make a point of emphasis out of linking all of the creations we talk about in comics on a regular basis with their creators. Therefore, if there’s an Aquaman movie announced next month, I’m hoping to say “Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger’s Aquaman character” as opposed to automatically writing “DC Comics’ Aquaman character.”

His post goes on to pre-emptively address potential quibbling, the most significant of which is this: “There are also instances where it could be said that referencing an original creator isn’t all that appropriate when it’s a subsequent creator or creators whose efforts are the reason the creation is being discussed.” That way lies madness, as we try to figure out who really created, for example, the Wolverine we now know.

Still, the point is to acknowledge true creation instead of corporate acquisition, and that’s something I can definitely get behind.

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