DC Superhero Collection Timeline Now an Ebook

DC Comics TPB Timeline

The Collected Editions blog has hosted a DC Comics Trade Paperback Timeline for a while now, but they’ve just made it available as an ebook for purchase. It’s 99 cents to have the reference material available to you on a device, for those times when you can’t connect to the website.

I was offered a chance to sample it, but I didn’t feel like signing up for a Smashwords account right this moment. It is nice to see that a single purchase allows you to access your preferred format, whether PDF, HTML, epub, plain text, or others.

The timeline puts “over 800 of DC Comics’s collected releases into a comprehensive reading order, starting with Crisis on Infinite Earths and including *all* relevant trades up to the recent Flashpoint event.” The ebook features a new introduction exclusive to that edition. The site owner promises “the original timeline will still be updated and remain available on the blog; the ebook just adds another way for fans to enjoy it.”

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