Manga Out Loud: Tezuka for Adults

As another contribution to this week’s Manga Moveable Feast, Ed and I were joined on the Manga Out Loud podcast by Ed Chavez to discuss Osamu Tekuza’s work for adults and how manga for older readers developed in Japan.

But first, host Ed and I talked briefly about what we’ve read recently. Ed told me more about his reading of Tezuka’s MW, in keeping with the MMF, and Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys Volume 19, which I’m greatly anticipating. In between, I pontificate on cultural-bound works and how hard it is to approach them fresh decades later, and we wonder into talking about Steve Ditko’s work. I also have a few thoughts on the new downloadable SuBLime yaoi.

Listening back to it, I hadn’t realized we were having so much fun and touching on so many different ideas.

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