One of My Favorite Comics Ever

Dial H for Hero

Bless Graeme McMillan for reminding me (link no longer available) how much I enjoyed Dial H for Hero during its Adventure Comics run from issues #479-490 (March 1981 – February 1982).

He’s a bit harsher on the concept, of allowing reader-submitted heroes and other ideas (including clothing and furniture!), than I recall being, but I was young when I read it, and I didn’t have the most developed critical faculties then. It wasn’t even the idea of submitting that attracted me most — I never did — but the idea that you could have all these different powers and abilities, only for a limited time. At that age, I appreciated the idea of trying on different roles and seeing what you could do with them.

The Carmine Infantino art looked oddly streamlined to me, with all the speed lines and flat faces, but he became one of the first artists I could recognize due to his distinctive style and how often I reread those issues.

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