Batman: The Brave and the Bold #16

I’m terribly sad that this is the last issue of one of the comics I most looked forward to each month — although not as disappointed as John Jakala was — but at least it goes out on an amazing high point.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #16 cover

Every page of this issue had a surprise that made me laugh or gasp or smile. Sholly Fisch knows his history, and he’s not afraid to throw in references wherever he can. From the various wacky Batman costumes on page one through to Super Turtle on the last page, if you recall those great old Silver Age comics, you’ll love being reminded of their innocent charm; if you don’t, then it’s just wild creativity on display, the kind of thing comics are best at.

For plot description, I’m going to send you to J. Caleb Mozzocco; his excellent review is why I haven’t talked about this issue in more timely fashion, since he said a lot of what I wanted to. As he mentions, much of this story is driven by Bat-Mite, who’s an acquired taste best used in small doses, but here, he allows for fourth-wall-breaking comments such as, “Where are the thrills? The giant props? The all-out hoo-hah Bat-action?” These days, Bat-Mite often speaks for me, tweaking the characters and the creators to keep the fun in the comics.

My favorite panel has to be the one shown here, where Bat-Mite tries to marry Batgirl off to an alien monster, the same one who wooed Wonder Woman back in 1965. I’m impressed that other people remember this stuff and want to pass on their enjoyment of it.

The art is similarly astounding, with all these different types of characters somehow drawn in a way where they work together, with strong outlines keeping them distinctive. Plus, we get a “really big office supply expo” because “everything’s better with giant props!”

I don’t want to spoil the last few pages for you, but after a cute gag moment, this issue has the best send-off I’ve seen, especially considering this is a book for kids who may be very disappointed to lose it. Heck, I know I’m sorry to see it go. I’ll take their advice and reread the copies I have.

7 Responses to “Batman: The Brave and the Bold #16”

  1. John Jakala Says:

    I was pretty bummed, but that last page helped.

    When I read it to my son, he ran over to his bookshelf and pulled out his back issues and started going over his favorites, so it was a fitting end to a wonderful series.

  2. gdwcomics Says:

    I hope they do an Omnibus of the series.

  3. Rob Barrett Says:

    My daughter (age 7) was also very disappointed to see the series end–this is the second book that DC has canceled out from under her (Sholly Fisch’swonderful Superfriends being the first).

  4. Thad Says:

    “I’m terribly sad that this is the last issue of one of the comics I most looked forward to each month — although not as disappointed as John Jakala was — but at least it goes out on an amazing high point.”

    That’s about how I felt about the end of the TV series. I’m not embellishing when I say it was probably the best last episode of any show I’ve ever seen (Bat-Mite is sick of the show and wants it cancelled so they can replace it with a grim-n-gritty reboot, so he engages in various meddling-with-the-formula approaches like recasting, relocating, increased toy merchandising, and saddling Batman with a wife and daughter. Inspired guest appearances by Henry Winkler and Ted McGinley.).

    I only picked up one issue of the comic (it frequently sold out at my LCS — a good sign!); I haven’t seen any trades but…they’ve gotta be out there, right?

  5. Johanna Says:

    There’s at least one, with a second due at the end of August.

  6. Chris G Says:

    @Thad, I’ve been watching TB&TB with my daughter (just turned 4) since the start. I was the one who got all weepy when Batman told the kids that he’d always be out there protecting the innocent with his hammers of justice in the last episode…

  7. Russell Lissau Says:

    I loved the series. I even sold a script for one issue under its former title and former management, a tale that pitted Batman and The Question against the Riddler. I don’t think anyone had done that before. But alas, it won’t see print. Such is life in the comicdom!




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