New Avengers Poster, Trailer Released
March 1, 2012

Marvel’s The Avengers is opening May 4, which means two months of promotion. (Yes, I’m buying into the hype, but a fun superhero team movie is something I hope to enjoy.)

Avengers poster

Here’s the new trailer:

to go along with the new team poster shown here. That one’s got several compelling pieces: foregrounding the best-known actor, Robert Downey Jr., as well as the attractive Chris Hemsworth. (I really have to watch Thor soon.) The only female member, Scarlett Johansson, is now facing the camera looking determined instead of posed to show off body parts. It unfortunately has that “I know how to use Photoshop” composed look, with the characters in different spaces and the heads looking a little pasted-on in some cases. Still, it’s likely a good representation of the appeal of the film.

The trailer is even more revealing, with some good action shots of all the heroes, although in the climactic “here’s everyone in a circle showing their powers”, the Black Widow’s dinky little gun doesn’t really seem to match up to the larger-than-life superheroes she’s grouped with.

Update: (3/3/12) Marvel Studios has announced that the trailer has become the most viewed on iTunes, setting a new record, with over 13.7 million viewings in the first 24 hours.

6 Responses  
James Schee writes:  

The movie is called “Marvel The Avengers Assemble” now isn’t it? I’m looking forward to it, as I think it’ll be a fun popcorn movie.

Johanna writes:  

Nope, not according to the marketing people. I think “Assemble” is just the tagline.

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gdwcomics writes:  

Sweet fancy Moses!! That looks awesome! I mean…there they are! The Avengers! This is really happening!! I hope Nolan has something more up his sleeve than a crumbling football field and a mumbling Bane. Because Avengers is looking more and more like the king of summer movies. Son of Nolan, kneel before Whedon!!

I’m not sure Hawkeyes arrows or Cap’s shield are going to be any more or less effective than Black Widow’s gun against that giant…thing.

James Schee writes:  

Turns out the name change I read about was for the UK, where they don’t want to get it confused with old tv show.

Johanna writes:  

That makes sense. Thanks for clearing it up.


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