A Great Reason to Go to Wondercon: Find Out How to Get Press


Rik Offenberger, who works with promotion for Archie Comics, is hosting a panel called “How to Get News Coverage”. His guests include Alan Kistler (Comic Mix, Newsarama), Heidi MacDonald (The Beat), Kiel Phegley (Comic Book Resources), and Josh Waldrop (M1W Entertainment, which apparently has something to do with wrestling). He’s promising to tell small press publishers how to submit news items to press and “why they are being overlooked for coverage.” I so want to hear how everyone answers that one!

I wish I was going to Wondercon, but since it’s this weekend across the country (Anaheim, CA), it’s a little too late to make plans. I would love to hear this panel, though. Does WonderCon record their programming? Anyone going to take notes?

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  1. Mentor's Camper Says:

    I’m really looking forward to this one. 40 bucks for three days! That’s insane. It’s also awesome that the friend I’m’ going with only lives 3 blocks away.

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