Viz Selling Selected First Volumes Half-Off at BN.Com on Manga Mondays

At Barnes & Noble online (, Viz is launching Manga Mondays, a recurring one-day-only sale in which three books will be offered at 50% off cover price. The first deal will be available Monday, March 19. Viz wants “fans to check out series they may have missed when they first debuted” — aka, it’s a way for them to try to goose back-stock sales by bringing attention to older first issues. The first three titles are the first volumes of

  • Yakitate!! Japan ($9.99), a baking competition manga by Takashi Hashiguchi that runs 26 volumes, with the last coming out in the US next month (cross-promotion!)
  • Honey and Clover ($8.99), Chica Umino’s nostalgic look at art school; I suspect it was selected because it has various anime and film spinoffs also available
  • Oddly, Gin Tama ($7.99), which I know best for causing a minor outcry when Viz stopped publishing it in the US with book 23; perhaps this is an attempt to get enough attention/sales to continue?

The series date from an era before Viz took everything to $9.99, so I’ve also listed cover prices above. You can calculate half off, but don’t forget to add shipping. probably hopes that you’ll purchase additional items in order to make their free shipping floor of $25 in purchases. Given that the books first came out four-six years ago, you can also buy them used at Amazon starting at $4 (which includes postage, but requires you to be happy with lower conditions).

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