Kids’ Lego Comic Tops the Bestseller List

Known properties sure have an advantage when it comes to finding customers. Papercutz sent out a press release promoting how “Mask of the Sensei, the second volume in the top-selling LEGO® NINJAGO graphic novel series from Papercutz, shot to the top of the New York Times Paperback Graphic Book Best Seller list immediately upon release last week”. It beat several Batman and Walking Dead books to do so.

The first volume in this series sold out 190,00 copies in its first printing last fall. Volume 2 sends four ninja friends against their sensei in a story written by Greg Farshtey and illustrated by Paulo Henrique. The slim volume is $6.99 for 64 color pages (or $10.99 in hardcover). Volume 3, Rise of the Serpentine, is due on May 8.

With an online game, the obvious toy line, and an animated series, this Lego brand is the newest kids’ favorite multimedia property, and the cartoony “masters of spinjitzu” are quite cute, even when trying to be fierce.

4 Responses to “Kids’ Lego Comic Tops the Bestseller List”

  1. Caanan Says:

    I wonder why the need to mention it’s in “full color” right there on the cover? Are they distancing themselves from something? (The Twilight adaptation was black and white, wasn’t it?) Is there a preconceived notion among the parents who would buy this for their kids that all comics are black and white? Would anyone assume it’s NOT in colour?

    A strange claim indeed…

  2. Bill D. Says:

    My 6-and-a-half year old son loves Ninjago and all things Lego, and has read and re-read the first two volumes of this series several times over now. Whenever he goes to the comic book store with me, sometimes he’ll see a book he wants, most of the time he doesn’t. And even when he does, he’ll thumb through it a few times and that’s it, even if it’s something he likes like Tiny Titans or Batman: The Brave and the Bold. These, though, he’s devouring.

  3. Batman Returns to Cartoons in CG » DVDs Worth Watching Says:

    […] Dragon, and planned for 2013, another Lego co-production in an attempt to replicate the success of Ninjago. Sadly, missing from the returning show list is Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. I hope […]

  4. Jesse Says:

    @Caanan — though we’re always experimenting with cover lines, the “full color” makes a bit more sense in the context of book trade retailers, where color middle grade books are a rarity (and, until recently, illustrations at all were a rarity). In a sea of black-and-white chapter books, it always helps to call out your distinguishing attributes! :)




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