Good Comics Out March 21

Something of a quiet week, so maybe it’s a good time to check out a graphic novel from a smaller press, maybe Undertow (Soaring Penguin, $19.99) or Dinopopolous (Blank Slate, $7.99).

On the historical side, Fantagraphics brings us The Sincerest Form of Parody: The Best 1950s MAD Inspired Satirical Comics ($24.99). KC’s working on a review that we’ll have for you shortly. The ever-impressive Library of American Comics puts out Cartoon Monarch: Otto Soglow and the Little King (IDW, $49.99), a crazy weird pantomime strip. Bless them for bringing us so many great forgotten comics.

If you’re looking to sample something a little cheaper, perhaps a comic issue, Hoax Hunters #0 (Image Comics, $2.99) is testing the waters for a later series. It’s about “a group of reality TV stars who make a living disproving folklore and urban legend, while secretly keeping the scarier truth hidden from sight.” But it’s the comparison to Mythbusters mixed with X-Files that intrigues me. It’s very modern in its cynicism, too — instead of working to uncover the truth, this gang keeps it all secret. I’m wondering who’s behind the idea to keep viewers stupid.

IDW continues its series of Rocketeer Adventures miniseries ($3.99) with an issue containing contributions from Stan Sakai (utterly charming in connecting up two classic stories and the dream of flying), Peter David and Bill Sienkiewicz (giving us a Ducketeer cartoon parody), Marc Guggenheim and Sandy Plunkett (with an old-fashioned debate over vigilantism), and a pinup by Art Adams.

The long-planned Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, now on its third title, launches from Archie ($2.99) with a variant cover and a limited signed edition. Stan’s superhero ideas don’t have the magic they once did, but he’s appearing in this series, which might entertain readers dreaming of meeting
the legend and having superpowers themselves.

I’m sad to see the final issue of Tiny Titans with issue #50 (DC Comics, $2.99), but it’s been a good run. Also concluding is DC Universe Online Legends ($2.99), the videogame tie-in issue. Anyone reading it? Anyone playing the game? It seems to have come out later than needed to be a breakthrough success.

Meanwhile, in manga, I’ve already mentioned some outstanding Yen Press releases this week. I’m also curious to try Young Miss Holmes, an omnibus from Seven Seas Entertainment ($16.99) that promises cute girl mystery-solving.

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