The Experience: Erica Friedman Reviews

Erica Friedman reviews on both laptop and tablet, concluding that it’s a much better experience on the tablet. She also mentions six titles she enjoyed reading there (one of which her company helped get released) and points out some needed areas of improvement, primarily including translation and editing credits and some concerns over the subscription process. It’s a good overview of the site’s strengths and weaknesses, and I want to read most of the titles she recommends! If only I could get over that whole “I don’t want to pay for digital rental” hang-up.

To her suggestions, I’d also add this, from the selfish perspective of an online journalist. JManga needs a more attractive logo! Every time I write about them, I have no pretty icon to include for visuals.


  1. Thanks for the pointer to the article, Johanna! I so agree with you on the logo. I put it on the article and was like…really? Bleh. ^_^



  2. Did you notice that they changed their Twitter logo this AM? ^_^

  3. I did not! But it is certainly more dynamic, as seen here:

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