Marvel Anime Series Come to DVD Next Month
March 31, 2012

The two Marvel Anime cartoon series are coming to DVD on April 24 from Marvel Animation and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Each Complete Series is a two-disc set including 12 episodes and bonus features.

The Iron Man Anime features Adrian Pasdar (Heroes) as the voice of Tony Stark, while the X-Men Anime stars Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) as Cyclops. The Iron Man plot revolves around Tony Stark trying to create a new kind of power plant in Japan while mass-producing his armored suits. These are the special features.

  • “Re-Imagining Iron Man” explores the plot and themes of the anime series.
  • “21st Century Hero: The Technology of Iron Man” introduces fans to Tony Stark’s high-tech suits and gadgets.
  • “Cross Talk” roundtable discussion with the creators of the Iron Man and Wolverine anime series.
  • “Voicing Tony Stark”, an interview with Japanese actor Keiji Fujiwara.

The X-Men travel to Japan in their series to solve a kidnapping, where they fight the U-Men, who are transplanting mutant organs into their army. Their set has similar special features.

  • “Re-Examining The X-Men” takes viewers behind-the-scenes of creating the X-Men’s mutant tales.
  • “X-Men: A Team of Outsiders” provides an in-depth exploration of Marvel’s most heroic and infamous mutants.
  • “Talk Session” roundtable discussion with the creators of Marvel anime’s X-Men and Blade.
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