New Avengers Movie Ad Charming
March 31, 2012

I don’t like the comics, but Robert Downey’s grin at the 28-second mark of this TV ad is precisely why I am salivating to see Marvel’s The Avengers, out in just over a month.

It’s also a nice rundown of the character types, serving as a very brief intro to the variety of heroes on the team. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of this guy on the right, Chris Hemsworth playing Thor, shown here with director Joss Whedon.

Joss Whedon and Chris Hemsworth

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Sarah Hayes writes:  

I just saw this advert several times while watching Disney XD last night (which in retrospective makes sense, a Marvel ad featured so much on a Disney channel!) and I loved it! I can’t wait to see The Avengers when it comes out :D


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