Manga Out Loud Wraps Up the Taniguchi MMF

It’s a little late due to technical difficulties, but the newest episode of the Manga Out Loud podcast features Ed and I discussing the Carl Horn interview and Dark Horse’s manga publications.

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Then we talk about ICv2’s speculation on manga in comic stores being a growing market, and how it relates to bookstores. I go on a bit of a rant about the direct market and entitled jingoism, so forgive me, I was a tad keyed up.

We also go over the news that Twin Spica will be going out of print from Vertical before covering what we’ve been reading lately, including One Piece and Young Miss Holmes, plus Ed went to the play Astro Boy and the God of Comics. We then return to the topic of comic stores (and some oddities about the ones in Richmond, VA).

That’s all before our second segment, in which we’re joined by Julia and Linda to discuss the work of Jiro Taniguchi in response to the Manga Moveable Feast. It’s a jam-packed episode!

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