KC’s Previews for June 2012

KC’s latest Westfield column is his monthly look at what’s coming out in two months. In addition to his ruminations and recommendations, he has some concerns about Archie’s Art of Betty and Veronica and lists all the collections you should be aware of.

2 Responses to “KC’s Previews for June 2012”

  1. Simon Says:

    Shouldn’t this post be tagged to appear in ?

    I was surprised to find neither your Previews review for June, nor KC’s, in the Shopping Guide.

  2. Simon Says:

    P.S.: my post above had an URL after “in” (a link to the Shopping Guide category), but it was deleted from the message. I reckon it’s anti-spam, but 2 suggestions:

    Since the URL was one from your own site, it should be whitelisted from the anti-spam.

    It would be useful to upgrade the comments module to have the “Preview comment” button seen on other sites, so as to catch such things before posting.




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