The Line Webcomic Collected

I’ve been enjoying reading the webcomic The Line by Kevin Church and Paul Salvi. It combines two of my favorite types of stories: those involving restaurants, and those involving horrible customer behavior.

The Line by Kevin Church and Paul Salvi

Now, there’s a print edition. Volume 1 contains the first two storylines (22 strips each), “Employee 0023’s First Day” (introducing the characters, including the alcoholic manager and the requisite obnoxious chef) and “The Social Nightmare” (about a Groupon-like promotion that goes wrong — if you’ve ever had to deal with self-righteous deal-seekers, you’ll appreciate this story).

The print edition includes a guest strip by Cathy Leamy (previously posted on the website), two pinups, some background sketches, and a new digital inking tutorial by Salvi. There’s also a nine-page bonus story in which the chef character demonstrates how to roast a chicken in his usual grumpy style. It all retails for $10; ordering information will be available this coming week.

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    […] by Kevin Church and drawn by Paul Salvi about life behind the scenes at a fancy restaurant, had a collection released last year. Now, you can get a digital copy of volume 1 for whatever you care to pay. It downloads […]




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