Yen Press Announces New Kaoru Mori, Bathing Manga

Yen Press announced several upcoming manga releases at the past weekend’s Sakura-Con in Seattle.

Yen Press logo

The most exciting, to me, is a new book of short stories by Kaoru Mori, the talented artist responsible for A Bride’s Story and Emma. Anything and Something will be released in hardcover, the same size as A Bride’s Story.

I’m also eager to see Thermae Romae by Mari Yamazaki. It compares the public bathing culture of ancient Rome and present-day Japan with a time-travel tunnel beneath a Roman spa. There are four books out so far in Japan, and Yen will put two in each of their hardcover omnibus volumes.

Yen will also be publishing a graphic novel version of the young adult novel Beautiful Creatures, another popular supernatural romance. Chapters will appear in their online magazine Yen Plus, illustrated by Cassandra Jean, before the book is published in 2013.

There are more titles listed at the first link above, involving series sequels and spin-offs that I’m not as familiar with. Sean Gaffney has more information if you’re curious.

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