Everyone Wants to Be Associated with the Avengers Movie; At Least They Have a Sense of Humor About It
April 12, 2012

A PR person for Farmers Insurance pointed me to their newest commercial, tying into the Marvel Avengers movie coming out next month. I like their ads anyway, because they star J.K. Simmons (whom I liked even before he played J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man movies) and for their sense of humor, not an easy task when they’re selling insurance. They tend to use special effects for good impact, but this one is particularly silly, what with the cosplay and all. Girl hulk!

They also created a behind-the-scenes making-of, complete with bombastic trailer-style music and an interview with the costume designer talking about the “found object” aesthetic. You might recognize “Captain America” as Al Madrigal from The Daily Show.

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