NY Times Covers Archie CEO Battle

Archie CEO battle illustration

Yesterday, the New York Times posted a lengthy article summing up the current struggle between the CEOs of Archie Comics, with various charges asserted and lawsuits filed. I particularly like the illustrations (one excerpted here), featuring the players in the style of old Archie comics, by Mark Matcho.

It’s a good summary of where the situation stands — in court-ordered mediation. I had the pleasure of speaking with the article writer, Robin Finn, and providing some background on the company and how it was perceived by the comic press and fans. She got some insightful quotes from co-CEO Jon Goldwater on how he came to be in his position and how he sees the company, including the news that Archie made a profit last year. Unfortunately, Nancy Silberkleit is unable to comment on her side of things, given the legal action.

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  1. Mentor's Camper Says:

    That’s a pretty good article. I’d only heard the charges. I imagine that as long as she has her shares of stock that she’ll still have some say in things, no? Now I’m inspired to look through my long boxes and find that back issue of Comic Book Artist that had the history of MLJ.

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