Female Archie, Male Betty and Veronica to Hit Stands in August

Archie Comics continues to aim for stories that will get them free publicity. This time it’s gender-swapping. Per Comics Alliance, Archie #636, due in August, will feature a female Archina and her boyfriends Billy and Ronnie. Sabrina the Teenage Witch is involved, as her cat wants to show them how the other half lives and she has to flip them back. There will be two covers, with the variant (shown on the right below) giving female Archie a particularly weird expression. The boys are way cute, though!

Archie #636 coverArchie #636 variant cover

The story is written by Tania del Rio, who spent several years creating the manga version of Sabrina, so she knows her stuff. Art and covers are by Gisele, continuing from the previous issue, which features Occupy Riverdale.

2 Responses to “Female Archie, Male Betty and Veronica to Hit Stands in August”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Cool I didn’t know it was going to be written by Tania del Rio! That’ll add another level of interest or me to it then. I was going to check it out anyway, but now even better.

    As for the odd face on Archina(could they not have done a better name?), uhm you know those straws are REALLY tiny. If seen from a distance or a different size, it might make you think Billy & Ronny are doing *something* else with their hands. (I’ll go sit in the corner now lol)

  2. The Husbands – Tania del Rio Connection » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] bet that’s the Tania del Rio whose work I enjoyed on the manga Sabrina and other stories for Archie Comics. What a neat little surprise […]




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