FoxTrot Launches iPad eBooks

Bill Amend has announced the release of three FoxTrot Pad Packs.

FoxTrot Pad Packs

As I discovered with the Pearls Before Swine iPad app, comic strips make for great tablet fodder, although the FoxTrot editions don’t have the extras that app did. Strips read well on the iPad, with their bite-size humor. Amend describes each of his ebooks — there are three — as follows:

Each $1.99 book contains 100 strips, some old, some new, some story lines, some stand-alone jokes, some black and white dailies, some color Sundays. The idea is to create mini books that take maybe 20-30 minutes to read and which aren’t bogged down with a ton of outdated references, as happens with my older, chronologically arranged print books.

If these first three do well, Amend plans to put out new collections “every couple of months or so”. iOS only for now, since he’s using the iBooks Author software from Apple.

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