Inkwell Award Announces Cosplay Models

There are too many comic awards, so it can be difficult for a relatively new program to get established, especially when it runs into snags early on.

Ms. Inkwell

After launching in 2008, the Inkwell Awards, created to recognize the craft of comic book inking, had some issues with their first round of winners. The list had to be revised due to perceptions of conflicts of interest in the first set. The next year, they changed their process — and bravo to them for adjusting as needed.

I haven’t followed them since, but I recently got a press release announcing their planned activities during this convention season. They will be attending the Pittsburgh Comicon this weekend and Heroes Con in Charlotte in June. To promote their work, the press release came with this teasing photo of Melissa Dloughy Bender, who is appearing in Pittsburgh as “Ms. Inkwell”. The model at Heroes will be someone different, Ciara Michelle.

It’s a traditional way to get attention, putting a girl in a sexy costume, but it unfortunately lends the whole endeavor an old-fashioned air of “boys club” that risks detracting from their other good efforts, such as their Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship to the Joe Kubert School. (On the other hand, it got me to mention the program after three years of ignoring them, so maybe they subscribe to the idea there’s no such thing as bad publicity.)

The Inkwell Awards will be voted on from May 1-15 at the award website. Winners will be announced at a ceremony at Heroes Con. No word on whether their spokesmodel will be handing them out, or what she’ll be wearing.

2 Responses to “Inkwell Award Announces Cosplay Models”

  1. Daniel Best Says:

    Oh yes, ‘boys club’. You have noticed that two of the committee members are *gasp* female?

    Perhaps if you’d kept up on what the Inkwells were doing you’d have noticed that little fact. About as much a ‘boys club’ as your column really.

  2. where is her skirt? Says:

    this proves the boy club theory
    Where the heck is her skirt




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