Bonfire Agency Recruiting for Consumer Focus Panel

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Bonfire Agency is now seeking comic fans to join their marketing advisory panel. The “FanPan”, first announced last year, is intended to provide consumer input to brands interested in marketing to such fans, researching who they are and what they like.

Bonfire has already been talking to the Fandom Advisory Network launched by Geppi’s Entertainment Museum last year. (I’m glad to hear that’s good for something, because their site content that isn’t simply copied from elsewhere hasn’t been updated in three months and their Twitter quit in December.) From the Bonfire press release:

Research projects that have involved use of the FanPan input panel have included online focus group testing of entertainment related advertising campaigns, qualitative research into the collectibles market, an evaluation of licensed product packaging designs, and opinion polls regarding the appeal of potential promotional tie-ins between consumer brands and content providers.

“Advertisers and their media buying agencies are finding FanPan very helpful,” said Kris Longo, Bonfire Vice-President in charge of the agency’s ComicsUnited ad network. “But in order for us to maintain the value and credibility of FanPan among the marketing community at large, we need to constantly rotate and refresh our membership,” added Steve Rotterdam, Bonfire co-founder. “That’s why we’re actively recruiting new panelists.”

Prospective members must be comic readers 13 years old or older. Participants will be compensated through small payments ($2-10) or collectible giveaways. And members must keep their participation a secret. To sign up, visit

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