Viz Signature Manga Moveable Feast This Week

It’s time for the Manga Moveable Feast again! This month, the topic is manga published by the Viz Signature line, hosted by Kate Dacey at The Manga Critic (and bless her for doing it, since she just served as host in February for the Osamu Tezuka MMF). There are a huge number of possible titles to cover, as Kate has listed them in her call for participation. Kate has also posted an insightful history of the imprint.

Here are some of the titles we’ve previously reviewed here at


  1. Hey Johanna, I’m sorry I can’t really participate as I don’t have a blog associated with my review site, but I’ve been a big booster of VIZ’s Signature line. I was interviewed for a podcast in December and the host asked what publisher was most exciting me at the moment. Without hesitation I answer VIZ (for both Signature and IKKI). I love what their doing these days and almost all the manga I really look forward to each month is published by VIZ.

    At any rate, since I don’t really have anywhere else to share it, somebody who stops by may enjoy this character chart I made to tie together all the characters from What a Wonderful World! (I made it after members of the book club I run complained that they couldn’t keep everyone straight.)

  2. […] at Manga Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson digs into the review archives to compile a list of every VIZ Signature title that she and Ed Sizemore have reviewed. Between the two of them, Johanna and Ed have reviewed over 20 Signature titles — an […]

  3. Ok, now how about a MMF for the Shojo Beat imprint, ha ha.

  4. Oooh, that’s not a bad idea.

  5. I would actually like to see all those reviews organized into one place. The only issue would be that it would make the largest MMF ever! Or maybe just the best reviews selected.

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