More MoCCA: Some Updates

MoCCA Fest is tomorrow! When I’m not obsessing about packing, I’m noticing the following additional things I’m going to have to do.

So Buttons 5 panel by Jonathan Baylis and Thomas Boatwright

Jesse Lonergan, whose Dancer a Day blog brings a smile to my face every morning, will have two new minicomics, “High Flyer” and “Fancy Footwork”, which collects favorites from that blog.

Jonathan Baylis, whose So Buttons #4 Ed reviewed last year, will have a “MoCCA Edition” teaser of the upcoming #5 (which will premiere in San Diego). It features a cover by Tom Scioli, modeled after Kirby’s Captain America #212 and includes three short stories for only $1. The longest, drawn by Thomas Boatwright (panel shown here), can be read here. I’m sure coffee junkies will appreciate it.

Robot6 has a more formal rundown of publisher appearances, which mentions that Fanfare/Ponent Mon will have advance copies of The Summit of the Gods Volume 3 available to buy. I read an advance PDF and recommend it. Publisher Stephen Robson will also be joining Heidi’s small publishing panel, making it even more of a valuable discussion.

2 Responses to “More MoCCA: Some Updates”

  1. hapax Says:

    FYI, the Thomas Boatwright comic is no longer available at that link.

  2. Johanna Says:

    It shows up just fine for me?




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