KC’s Previews for July 2012

KC’s newest Westfield column takes a look at the latest Previews catalog, for items available beginning in July.

His favorite pick is Walter Simonson’s Judas Coin, an amazing graphic novel that wanders through DC continuity, including appearances of the Viking Prince, Bat Lash, Manhunter 2070, and Batman (with Two-Face).

He also makes sure you know about the Captain Marvel relaunch from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy and an Alan Davis/ClanDestine crossover event, as well as some great reprint collections due out over the summer.

One Response to “KC’s Previews for July 2012”

  1. Rob Barrett Says:

    I am resisting the urge to find and water-balloon your husband for the phrase “I got trapped at the Simonson home in a snowstorm for a few days a while back.” GRRR! JEALOUS!




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