Another Example of How Digital Comics Are Not a Threat: Skullkickers Sales

Jim Zubkavich has posted an enlightening writeup of his experience selling Skullkickers comics after he started putting them online as a webcomic.

There are lots of good details about his audience, based on who bought from him at a recent convention, but here’s the summation:

I’ve effectively created a whole new audience for Skullkickers…. [Our webcomic audience is] about twenty times our monthly issue audience and reaches people in places that don’t have comic shops at all…. Serializing the issues hasn’t negatively affected our sales one bit. Our trade sales through comic and book stores are up, steadily climbing…. The comic shop audience is not the web audience.

In fact, the web audience is a lot bigger. If you think a rising tide lifts all boats, then how can you resist getting a lot more eyeballs on your product? Substantial positive outreach like this from a creator should encourage retailers to get behind the book, although clearly, the web audience is just as comfortable buying direct from the creator.

Graeme McMillan reports (link no longer available) that the current issue #13 and next week’s #14 (which he posts teaser images for) should make good starting points for new readers. Or they can browse the online archives, whichever works better for them.

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