Daredevil #12

Daredevil #12 cover

I know there’s something crazy about reading superhero comics for the character bits, not the powers or the fights, but that’s where my interests lie these days. So I adored this issue, which features Matt Murdock going out on a date with Kirsten McDuffie.

It’s a testament to Mark Waid’s skill and imagination that he takes a basic premise, featuring a character who’s been around for decades, and makes it so fresh and modern and yes, sexy. (Which nicely justifies what would other be a salacious cover.) That’s helped along by the impressive art by Chris Samnee. Just check out this early full page, right, showing where the two go out and how Kirsten decides to share the experience with Matt. (The coloring by Javier Rodriguez supports it wonderfully. Click for larger.)

Daredevil #12 page 2

Waid’s dialogue is a pleasure to read, making these characters come alive. Some of the ways he shows them flirting with each other in flashback, driven by Kirsten’s determination to get Matt to admit he’s Daredevil, are hilarious. It’s a weird, refreshing take on the secret identity, since Matt is the title hero, yet we’re rooting for him not to tell her and supporting his lies to her. Normally, that bothers me a great deal, but here, it fits nicely into a grownup screwball-style battle of the sexes. Samnee’s art keeps these characters moving and reacting, too, even when showing simple conversation. I really appreciate his use of background and detail.

Plus, there’s a neat background story telling us new to the series just how Foggy and Matt became such good friends, set back in their law school days. Even though the situation at that time was deadly serious to their careers, the jokes Waid includes slay me. (Bobblehead judge!) They’re not generic, but specific to the situation, with an extra layer of goofiness for comic fans. He also writes Matt as a bit older and wiser, adding that additional layer while narrating his long-ago actions, a perspective I can relate to. I would never have thought that such a long-running character could seem so exciting and relevant to me, but Waid breathes new life into the property.

I know this kind of issue isn’t what I can expect every month, since this is, after all, a hero book, but it’s my favorite of the first year of what’s become my favorite superhero series.

2 Responses to “Daredevil #12”

  1. Argo Plummer Says:

    I’m glad to hear you are still enjoying this book. I have been noticing some online backlash lately–predictable, but not based in much concrete that I’ve been able to see…mostly things like “it’s really not so great.” It will be a while before I read this issue as I am trade waiting on this series, but I do have the 1st HC waiting for me at home. After reading your review I might crack it open this weekend!

  2. Johanna Says:

    I wasn’t thrilled with the recent crossover, just because I don’t care for the Punisher at all, but this got right back to what I love about the series. I hope you enjoy reading it!




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