Digital Exclusivity Returns, With Marvel Singles Exclusive to Comixology

ComiXology has just sent out the following:

Today, Marvel Entertainment, one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, announced it will exclusively distribute single-issue English-language digital comics worldwide with comiXology, the largest digital comics platform.

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I think it’s fair now to call comiXology the new Diamond, since it’s locked up Marvel and DC digital issues. While some publishers — Top Shelf and Archie come immediately to mind — follow a strategy of making their publications available on any and every platform, more seem interested in not dealing with the diversity of formats. (Unless they’re Dark Horse, who’s rolled their own strategy and seems to be doing quite well with it.) Handing those details off to a specialized partner makes sense. I had previously noted that some publishers were backing away from exclusivity, but now I think that digital distributors that aren’t comiXology have tough times ahead. Graphicly already saw the light and left the business.

The press release continued:

“As the industry leader, Marvel is committed to growing the comics market through digital innovation, and bolstering our existing partnership with comiXology continues that,” explained Peter Phillips, SVP & General Manager, Marvel Digital Media.

Marvel fans will enjoy continued access to single-issue digital comics via the Marvel apps available for Apple iOS and Android, as well as the new web-based Marvel Comics Shop, all powered by comiXology. Marvel comics can also be found on the comiXology platform available on Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and In addition, starting today, Marvel’s digital comics will be available through comiXology’s Digital Storefronts for brick-and-mortar retailers.

Note that this means that retailers participating in Diamond’s official digital comic platform will not be able to offer Marvel any time soon.

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