How the Marvel Free Comic Book Day Comic Was Edited

John Jakala points out how Marvel had to edit their Free Comic Book Day Avengers comic, complete with pictures illustrating the changes. I knew the book had previously been published as Avengers 12.1, but I didn’t realize that so much nudity was involved. (I don’t pay a lot of attention to Bendis’ Avengers, since they all sound the same and don’t have many exciting adventures that don’t involve company crossovers.)

Panel from Avengers 12.1

I hope John will forgive me for excerpting so much of his post in this following paragraph, but he makes some compelling points:

I’m assuming Marvel made these changes because they were uncomfortable with the idea of young kids coming to FCBD and walking out with copies of a comic where a super-heroine is stripped naked; thrown down on a cold, hard floor; and interrogated by two creepy male super-villains. Which makes you wonder why the scene was written as it was in the first place: What exactly is gained by removing the heroine’s costume (other than creepy fan-service)?

Or if you argue that the nudity is integral to the scene as originally written (because of course bad guys would strip-search any hero they capture to make sure they don’t have any tracking devices or other gadgets embedded in their costumes — happens all the time whenever the Wizard captures the Human Torch, for example), then perhaps this particular comic wasn’t the best for Marvel to pick for FCBD. Why not something that would be appropriate for all ages, such as an issue of the old Marvel Adventures: The Avengers series, or a brand-new story from the just-launched The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon tie-in?

John also suggests one possible fix for the problem that makes his point well.

4 Responses to “How the Marvel Free Comic Book Day Comic Was Edited”

  1. ADD Says:

    I’m with you on pretty much ignoring Bendis’s (unfortunately seemingly endless) Avengers run. Once in a while I’ll pop in to see if it lives up to the latest hype, or because, say, Walter Simonson drew an issue. But man, the writing is all one big gray blob of samey sameness.

    I also thought this choice of Avengers comic to have in stores on opening weekend was bizarre beyond comprehension. I could easily name 100 better issues to reprint to bring in curious new readers.

  2. John Jakala Says:

    No problem, Johanna, thanks for linking to my post and discussing it here.

    While I didn’t care for this FCBD offering (like Alan, I’m surprised that this was the best representation of the Avengers that Marvel could muster), my daughter, son, and I did have a wonderful FCBD experience and most of the all-ages titles were a hit with my kids.

  3. Johanna Says:

    I want comics for all ages, in the true meaning of that, but you’re right, there were some great kids’ comics out this year.

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